Mixing from £3O per hour

Many of our artists have recording

projects from elsewhere. Whether

it's a home recorded demo or a track

from another studio, sometimes the

best thing you can do is get a fresh

pair of ears. Our mixing and

mastering services can help you get

the results you're after.

We've helped hundreds of artists improve their music and get the attention they deserve.

A good mix is all about finding the right balance of tone, depth and space.  Our knowledge and experience means we can mix your track to the highest standard and give it the musical character it deserves.  Not only do we have industry standard plugins and hardware to enhance your audio, we also have an unending supply of musical creativity to enrich the overall feel of your music.

We also provide an online mixing service allowing you to submit your projects for mixing through our website.  Find out more on our online mixing and mastering page. 

Have a listen to some of our recordings below for a taste of what our mixing service can do.

Mastering from £3O per track

High quality audio mastering can

really bring your music to life. We

provide local mastering in Edinburgh

as well as an online mastering

service for Scotland and beyond.

However you send us your music,

we always endeavour to

communicate with our artists so

we can share a common vision.

Have a listen to some of our recordings below for a taste of what our audio mastering can do.

Whether it's an old recording, tracks from another studio or one of the increasing number of DIY projects, we can add the final flourish to your music. Mastering is much more than just making it louder. It adds definition, clarity and punch to all areas of the mix as well as providing a consistent listen across various speakers and radio broadcast. We master both stereo audio files and stems to the highest quality at affordable prices.

If you live in or near Edinburgh, you can come down the studio giving us the opportunity to chat with you and get an idea of you as an artist. If you are elsewhere, fear not! Our online mastering service allows you to submit your tracks from anywhere. For more information check out our online mastering page.

What our clients say:

‘Alex/William: On behalf of the Wynntown Marshals, i'd like to thank you guys SO much for the wonderful job you did mastering our forthcoming album "The Long Haul". It sounds immense. Keith and I are notoriously pedantic, hard taskmasters, and hard to please, and we had ZERO constructive feedback for you at all! You nailed it first time! Yay you! Thanks again. I'd recommend your services to anyone. Our producer Andrew Taylor had this to say:

"I'm sitting at home, having cranked up 'the long haul' through the hifi very loudly, feeling very smug and immensely proud. Wow! I can hear a big difference with mastering - tighter and clearer. It's a corker and by far the best sounding recording i've ever made or been part of. Superb. They've done a great job of enhancing the sound. It doesn't sound squished or tinny like some end up. Awesome. The sparkle it deserved."

Like us, Andrew is forever in search for audio perfection. So, hats off to you guys.’

Iain Sloan & Andrew Taylor- The Wynntown Marshals

For more testimonials check here.

Rates - Check out our booking page for prices.

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