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Music Production - Unlike some recording studios, our engineers are also skilled musicians with experience across a wide range of genres. This means you don't just get someone who hits record, you get music producers and session musicians who can help you add a unique flair to your sound. Whether it’s guitar or saxophone parts or just some beats, get in touch to see what our music production can do for you.

Mixing & Mastering - High quality audio mixing mastering can really bring your music to life, whether it’s recorded in a studio or in a shed. We provide a local service in Edinburgh as well as online mixing and mastering for Scotland and beyond. However you send us your music, we always endeavour to communicate with our artists so we can share a common vision.

Music Production Tuition - If you're starting out in the recording game and beginning to produce your own music, you'll know how confusing things can get. Our aim is to provide an alternative to trawling through manuals and forums by getting straight to the heart of what you need to know. We help demystify the process with our music production courses and one-to-one lessons.

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